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Property Tour

Some of our winter greenfields and food plots we hunt over.

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We also hunt timber clearcuts and cut-overs
offering some long-range shooting at times.

img015 img014 img012 img013

Hardwood ridges and bottoms

img017 img016

Some of our warm season plantings
of clover and deer vetch — high in protein.
Especially important in antler development
during the spring and summer.

img018 img019

img199 img172

We hunt 4,000 acres of continuous land all in one block with 66 stands (shooting towers) scattered across it.  This gives us plenty of options with only 4  hunters per group.

Our property is a very unique and diverse place.  Starting on the east side we have the big flat creek bottom and swamps.  Then as you go west it slowly changes to rolling hills and eventually steep ridges with deep bottoms on the west side.

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