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Your Hunt

A typical hunting day at HAMILTON HILLS in Central Alabama begins at 4:00 AM. You will be placed on your hunting stand around 5:30 A.M. (daylight) to hunt until around 10:00 A.M.

A short rest and lunch will be enjoyed before you are back on your afternoon hunting stand from about 2:00 P.M. until dark (5:30).

Your guide will choose the terrain and hunting stand most suitable to weather conditions, equipment, and personal preference. Our hunting stands are enclosed “shooting towers” elevated 11 feet off the ground. They are very comfortable, especially during rain, cold, and windy conditions. You will hunt winter wheat, oats, and clover blend food plots and fields, woodland trails and scrapelines, hardwood bottoms, and timber clearcuts and cut-overs.Average shots will be around 100 yards, but may be considerably further or closer depending on the type hunting stand and terrain you are hunting.

Your hunting equipment should consist of any centerfire rifle with mushrooming ammunition (Alabama Law). We have found through experience that a flat shooting fast caliber along with a light gathering(50mm or 56mm) variable scope sighted in for 200 yards zero is excellent for our style of hunting; but, we also feel the best equipment is that with which you are most familiar and comfortable.Quality light gathering binoculars (such as 7×50, 10×50, or 8×56), raingear, waterproof boots, etc. will also be helpful to insure your comfort and success. You should bring plenty of cold weather clothing because even here in the South, particularly Central Alabama, you can get cold sitting still for long periods of time.Masking scents or lures are allowed.Two way (walkie/talkie) radios are prohibited except in situations where there are serious health concerns. Bring your cell phone if you like; but, don’t expect to have service where we hunt.

Among the things that set Hamilton Hills apart from other lodges is our guide experience and the size of our hunting groups. Your guides, Lyle and Doug Smith, have hunted whitetail deer on this land for over 40 years. We have hunted turkey and small game here in Alabama since we were old enough to carry a gun.We limit the size of our hunting groups to 4 hunters. So, if you book a group of 4 hunters you will have the Lodge, our 4,000 acres and 66 stands (shooting towers) all to yourselves.

We use four wheel drive trucks and ATV’s to get into the general area you will hunt. We then approach your hunting stand on foot. We hunt the natural movement of deer, so our goal is to get you in the hunting stand without disturbing the area on the way in. We feel this low ratio of only two hunters per guide allows more evaluation of equipment, past hunting experience, weather conditions, wind direction, and deer movement to tailor hunts to fit each individual. We have a shooting range where we will assist you in sighting in your rifle. We will be responsible for processing your deer after the kill. Your deer will be dressed and hung in cold storage. Prior to your departure, we will quarter the carcasses. The meat then becomes your responsibility.